Video Email System

An Automated Email System Just For Contractor Marketing

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Certified Contractors Network designed an automated email system designed especially for contractor marketing. This automated email follow-up sequence for contracting sales allows contracting companies to send up to 10 personalized follow-up emails to customers and potential customers with just a few clicks.

Over 30 Email Templates Included

The system has over 30 email templates that can be customized with your company branding and employees, and each email template links to a personalized webpage featuring a sales video. Each webpage contains your company’s branding, contact information, and a sales video for the contracting industry.

Email template screenshot

The automated email sequences that are included in the system are:

  • Initial Measure Call
  • Presentation after Measure Call
  • Job Sold
  • Project Development (Accounting)
  • Start Project Date
  • Job Complete
  • Follow Up to Non-Sale

Customized Video Pages

The video pages will be designed for you and all company graphics, employee photos, and videos will be preloaded into the system by the system Technical Administrator.

Training is No Additional Cost

The system Technical Administrator will do up to five training sessions with an employee of your company to teach them how to use the system once it is fully setup. Additionally, the program comes with a user manual that you can reference for system setup and unlimited customer support from our System Administrator.

Discounted for CCN Members

For members the system costs $99 per month plus a one-time $799 setup fee (this fee covers your setup and system training). The $99 per month fee begins the month following the completion of your training (ex. If you finish training on March 20, your monthly fee will begin April 1). For non-members the system costs $199 per month plus a one-time $999 setup fee.

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or contact Denise Metheny for more information at at [email protected] or 301-891-0999 ext. 222.