Strategic Networking

National Credibility

Growing your list of contacts and becoming more established within the industry through strategic networking increases your chances of being referred by other business and community contacts. CCN members adhere to a strict code of ethics, elevating them above the competition and clearly establishing with their customers a sense of value, trust and credibility. Leveraging the national credibility of CCN and your connections with member business owners will help you generate increased market share and higher profit margins by developing a pipeline of potential customers, suppliers and partners.

On-Demand Consultation and Advice

Your time and money is valuable. That’s why we make it quick and easy to get advice. Member-to-member strategic networking encourages you to talk with contractors who are knowledgeable, have high standards and are committed to growing their businesses. The information you gain from those conversations is invaluable. Other avenues for advice include our bulletin board where you can post questions and get quick responses, and our searchable 24 hr. online Knowledge Center.

Exchange of Ideas

Learning from other contractors is one of the most powerful experiences CCN has to offer. As you develop relationships with fellow members, you will find those who have experienced similar challenges and can point you in the right direction. CCN conferences, boot camps and mastermind sessions are just a few of many opportunities to learn from your peers by exchanging ideas, asking questions and getting real life answers.

Strategic Partnerships

You never know when a relationship will be useful and will present you with new opportunities. CCN membership gives you direct contact with specialized contracting partners (distributors, manufacturers, service companies and more) whose products and services may be of interest to you. Having access to our strategic partners enables you to form unique contracting relationships and joint buying initiatives exclusive to CCN members.

Contractor to Contractor Mentoring

The CCN Ambassador Program is a structured mentoring program that provides you with a consistent personal connection to the CCN culture and best practices of successful contracting companies. Ambassadors are active CCN Members approved by both the CCN Steering Committee and CCN management who agree to interact regularly with their assigned mentoree through conference calls, e-mails, personal meetings, etc. We have found that members who actively work with and are encouraged by others find success quickly because they have direct access to proven role models.

Lasting Relationships

Possibly the most powerful benefit to joining the CCN organization is the camaraderie and long-term relationships that develop among our contractor members. Relationships based on mutual trust, respect and genuine liking are rare in the construction industry and yet they exist and flourish in CCN. Contractors with similar business challenges form life long friendships as they help each other grow their businesses.

Membership in Certified Contractors Network provides the Core Benefits outlined above. As a CCN Member Company, you and your employees will have the opportunity to take advantage of the power of the Network. We encourage you to use all of the tools in your CCN toolbox if you are serious about running your business, rather than having it run you.