Do You Want Better Sales Performance?

“I’ve gone through three sales people in the past year, with no results. I’ve done nothing but waste money on these people, and don’t know what to do next….”

Good to Great

In a contracting business, employing the right salespeople is a critical success factor. A bad hire can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The cost of a poor salesperson may be even greater when you factor in lowered morale, dead leads, and the challenge of adjusting poor attitude.

So how do you know if you have the right people on board now?  How will you attract the right people in the future?

Hire the Right Salespeople Using S.W.A.T.

There are many reasons salespeople do not perform well.  The majority of new sales hires fail because they do not have the characteristics required for success in a sales position.  A sound hiring process can help minimize poor hiring decisions. However, it is critical to screen out sales applicants who don’t possess the characteristics required to be successful salespeople before starting the interviewing process.

What is S.W.A.T.? SWAT is the Sales Wizard Assessment Tool provided by Certified Contractors Network.  This service is an accurate and reliable testing method for predicting sales success potential in sales candidates prior to the interview.

How reliable is it? One year after being hired, 95% of the candidates who were recommended for hiring were still employed by their respective companies. In companies where the conditions for hiring were met, 92.3% of the salespeople hired with this test outperformed those hired previously.  When sales training was provided, salespeople hired with the assessment tool outperformed previous hires by 99.9%.

Improve Your Sales Force Using the Sales Wizard Assessment Tool.

Does your salesperson suffer from the following performance issues?

1. Has a low closing rate
2. Has poor work habits
3. Doesn’t comply with company policies
4. Doesn’t sell appropriate product and/or service business mix to customer
5. Needs constant supervision
6. Doesn’t meet your sales expectations
7. Has a poor attitude
8. Is not a team player

A sales management tool.  Utilize the S.W.A.T. management report to identify areas your salesperson needs to improve in order to reach optimal sales.  Implement the suggestions in the report along with coaching from CCN to help your salesperson continually increase his or her performance and promote sales growth for your business.

For more information and pricing click the S.W.A.T Brochure button above to download the brochure or contact us at 800-396-1510.