Increase Your Closing Percentage

Most contractors get sales by mailing bids and waiting for an answer.  With nothing to compare but prices, the consumer naturally buys the lowest price.  Meanwhile, trying to sell the lowest price eats away at the profits of a business.


Attend this sales boot camp training.  Learn how to double your average unit of sale, double your previous closing ratio and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, you will learn how to differentiate your company from the competition, specify more complete and larger jobs, justify your higher price and overcome common objections such as: “Your price is too high…I can’t afford it” “Your price is way out of line…I have a much lower price”  “You’re the first price I have..I’ll have to shop around” “I have to think about it”, and close the order without high pressure.


Competitive pressures in today’s market are extreme.  If you want to get the most for your sales dollar, you’ll send your salespeople to this proven sales training program.


CCN Sales Boot Camp is a 5 day, intense sales training that will provide you with PROVEN strategies and methods that make selling fun and differentiates you and your company from the competition. You will learn how to generate leads for slow periods of time. You will learn how to convert leads into qualified appointments using the CCN Measure Call Process that measures both the project and the customer. You will learn a consultative sales process that is educational and not a sales pitch. You will learn how to close the sale during your first visit without using any pressure.  We guarantee you will leave Boot Camp with these skills being yours and ready to be applied your first day back to work, or you don’t pay.

What you will get at our Sales Boot Camp:

  • An experienced training company…CCN has been training this boot camp since 1997 and has trained hundreds of contractors.  CCN trainers are known throughout the industry and have presented training programs to numerous industry trade organizations.
  • A 145 page information packed workbook used for reference during the program and for use back home.
  • A powerful goal setting program and 45 page manual to help you set a plan for reaching your dreams.
  • A successful method for developing leads at times when the company lead flow is slow.
  • A proven method for measuring not only the job, but the prospect, that kills the competition.
  • A Selling Process that has been proven to work, even by new salespeople.  You’ll learn how to gain the trust and confidence of the consumer, be able to develop a sense of urgency to act now, and present a consumer education presentation that will blow away the competition.
  • You’ll be prepared to confidently handle the objections, stalls and procrastination by the consumer that can block a sale from closing.
  • A closing plan that really works, with no pressure.
  • Receive follow-up consulting by phone, after returning home, accompanied by an audio tape of the session.  This is a valuable training tool that you can listen to over and over.
  • An opportunity to increase sales through proven, winning formulas, instead of haphazard “trial and error”  methods.
  • An opportunity to provide training or retraining for your salespeople that consists of proven sales   methods taught through “real life” role playing.  Your salespeople will return ignited and ready to start making sales on their first day back.
  • An opportunity to network with other non-competitive companies to share ideas.
  • No risk guarantee—If you implement the training and your closing percentage does not increase,  You Don’t Pay!

 Why do you need this Boot Camp?

  • Provide an intense sales training program for contracting businesses that are unable to take the appropriate amount of time out of a hectic routine in order to adequately train salespeople.
  • Reduce the amount of dollars lost in sales, income and company profits of contracting companies by compressing the learning curve for trainee salespeople, so they can be more productive to the company right away.
  • Re-ignite existing, experienced sales personnel to increase sales performance and recharge positive energy.
  • Provide re-training of inadequately trained sales personnel in order to increase sales productivity and self image.
  • Provide proven methods for self development of leads by the salesperson when the season may be slow.
  • Provide proven strategies and methods to differentiate your company from other competing companies.
  • Provide proven strategies and methods to overcome common objections to making the sale.
  • Provide successful formulas, strategies and WordTracks that can be applied to make dealing with prospective customers fun & easy.
  • Provide proven strategies & methods to help you get the right price for the job and assure profitability for the company.
  • Provide a successful means of overcoming the “low ball bidder” in order to get the job, without sacrificing profitability.