Membership Levels for All Contracting Companies

Membership Benefits

CCN members see an improved ROI as a result of attending CCN’s proven beneficial trainings, using CCN’s resources, and utilizing the networking opportunities to exchange ideas with other successful contractors.

Members are able to take full advantage of the power of CCN through their exclusive access to members only programs and resources including training programs for their entire staff. From production managers to sales staff CCN has trainings that can teach best practices and improve productivity members’ staff members. Members’ employees are stakeholders—accountable, self-directed and empowered to act in the best interest of the company, to always do the right thing.

Through its trainings CCN teaches its members proven successful procedures that lead to increased productivity and improved communication. CCN members see optimum ROI by using exclusive CCN member resources as part of their procedures.

In addition to gaining access to proven effective CCN processes and trainings, members are able to exchange successful ideas with each other in a non-competitive environment at CCN events and through the members only forum. This members only think tank strengthens the contracting industry and provides an alternative to consolidation.

Four Levels of Contracting Businesses

There are four levels of businesses in the contracting world. Certified Contractors Network can provide valuable training for any contracting business in any of these four levels.

The biggest failing of contractors is that they get so busy running their businesses that they don’t have the time to train themselves, their sub contractors, or employees. They often become prisoners of their business. This is the classic level one or level two contractor. CCN addresses the training necessary to get your business to the next level.

Level One

A contractor in Level One is usually the start-up or business that is run by a “hands-on” contractor. . It’s really the beginning point of a business. There is nothing wrong with being a “hands-on” contractor, provided you only use this level as a temporary launching pad where you put together your business plan and get into action. Any businesses that stay at this level find the business is probably more of a hobby or a fantasy than a real business. The problem is that most people that start these contracting companies don’t know what a business plan is, let alone write a plan.

Level Two

A Level Two contractor is really just in the “Contractor” phase of his business and is working a job for wages. If you don’t show up to work, there is no money. It’s really not business ownership; so much as it is being self-employed. You’ve got all of the long hours and feelings of lack of control you had as an employee, except you don’t have just one boss you’re trying to please anymore; you have a whole bunch of them. Only now we call them customers. Plus, all of the decisions, all of the risks, all of the responsibility rests on your shoulders. Every day you have to prove yourself and keep going because if you stop, it all ends. That’s what being in the “contractor” phase means.

Level Three

A Level Three contractor is one where you transition into a businessman. The criteria of this phase is you are performing only one of the jobs, usually as general manager. The business will work without you needing to be there each day, but is still dependent on your input. In fact, the criteria of a this phase is that it operate smoothly, efficiently, and profitably without needing the daily input of the business owner. The businessman phase usually sees industry average profitability or slightly better than average ROI. This contractor has built a team and relies on them to get the job done.

Level Four

The top level or “Leadership” phase is when you have truly built an asset. This business is not dependent on the owner, but is focused on the team. The owner merely creates the vision and empowers his team to execute on that vision. The level four contractor is able to do this through proven processes and procedures. When you build a true Level Four business it will not only make you wealthy, but it will help set you free.

For years, CCN has proven to provide the highest quality, most effective, contractor consulting available to contractors at each of these four levels.