Improved ROI

By leveraging the power of the CCN network — its systems, processes, resources and best practices — within your business, your company will realize an increased return on your investment. Your employees will become stakeholders—accountable, self-directed and empowered to act in the best interest of the company, to always do the right thing. And because we believe that value determines cost, we also believe that the difference between a good company and a great company is its value to those it serves.

Value of CCN to the Owner

Implementing the CCN processes will allow you to spend less time working on the day-to-day activities and more time working on the strategic planning of your business. CCN has helped many contracting companies develop middle management teams so that each employee understands the duties and responsibilities of each team member and is empowered to make decisions without consulting the owner on every little thing. The “ball and chain” will disappear — the business will be fun again. You will have more time to spend with your family and friends…more time for hobbies… more time for vacations…more time for whatever makes you happy. Your passion for the business will return and as a result, you will build a business of value. Your company will become a saleable asset.

Value of CCN to the Employee

Job security will be enhanced because your employees understand that they are working for a company that provides a career path and opportunities for advancement rather than just a job. They will experience a heightened sense of self-esteem, confidence and self worth because they know they are valued, contributing members of the team. Not only will their personal growth increase but so will the passion and pride in their work.

Value of CCN to the Customer

Customers and prospective customers are often more comfortable doing business with companies they perceive to be part of a larger entity. While they may appreciate the personal attention the independent contractor offers, they may also reason that a larger organization provides security, training and will act as a “watchdog” to oversee their project. Your membership in CCN gives the customer the best of both worlds. Your company retains its unique brand but at the same time provides the customer with all the benefits of a CCN Contractor Company. Employees taking pride in their work results in increased quality and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

Value of CCN to the Company

When the owner and employees are in alignment with the goals and processes of the business, it becomes easier to recruit and retain personnel. Customers have confidence not only in your ability to do the work but also in the fact that you are in business for the “long haul.” Stability and credibility lead to recognition in the community resulting in ongoing PR, timely payments and increased referrals and profitability.