Fast Start CINC

CCN Internet Network Conferencing (CINC)

This resource is delivered thru the internet directly to your team and office. CINC provides weekly mentoring and “Best Practices” training in the sales, production and administration areas of a contracting business.  In Fast Start CINC, new members have access to twelve weeks of recorded webinars that teach the CCN sales methodology.

These topics will help new and established companies get “up to speed” with CCN’s proven highly successful sales training.

The following is covered under each session:

  • Attitude For Success
  • The Pre-Approach Process
  • The Measure Call Process
  • E.S.P – Creating An Effective Sales Proposal
  • The 4P Consumer Education Flipchart  / Developing A Company Answer Book
  • Resolving Objections – Overcoming Major Price Objection
  • Resolving Objections – We Can’t Afford It
  • Resolving Objections – We Need To Think It Over
  • Resolving Objections – You’re Our First Estimate… We Need To Get Another
  • Resolving Objection – Pending Events
  • Sales Cost Savings Plan
  • Sales Cost Savings Plan – Handling Objections