Diamond Membership

The Diamond Membership offers just about everything CCN has to offer. It is an exclusive group of contractors and includes all elements of the Platinum Membership plus the following.

  • Unlimited Boot Camps for unlimited attendees within 36 months
  • Proactive monthly conversations with CCN Member Services team to facilitate adoption and engagement in CCN Learning, curriculum, and processes
  • On-demand coaching, consultation and advice to help our member teams navigate situations that may arise within their business
  • 2 Conference registrations seats for each CCN conference
  • Performance Guarantee – CCN guarantees during the consulting and training program, the gross profits of the member company will increase by at least 200% of the fee paid for the program in the first 24 months*
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*Performance Guarantee: CCN guarantees that at the completion of 24 months, Participant’s gross profit from operations shall have increased by an amount at least equal to 200% of the contract fees paid by Participant for the Program (the “Performance Agreement”). If at the completion of 24 months the Participant’s gross profit has not increased by such amount, CCN will extend the Program until Participant experiences the said 200% increase. This Performance Agreement shall be cancelled and have no further force or effect if Participant fails among other items to (1) implement in its business all of the changes recommended by CCN under the Program, (2) attend Business Planning Boot Camp within 180 days of program inception (3) provide CCN with accurate and current data regarding leads, sales, labor and material costs, gross profit margins, promotional materials and advertising programs on a weekly basis during the term of the Program, (4) unless CCN gives its prior consent, ensure that all of the factors on which CCN has developed the Program (including, without limitation, the location of Participant’s operations, type of work (residential, commercial) or Participants workforce) are not reduced for the duration of the Program.