Code of Ethics

Certified Contractors Network Members have pledged to observe the highest standard of Integrity, Frankness and Professional Responsibility in dealing with their Owner Clients…

  • By making no false promises or claims in advertising.
  • By providing Professional Courteous Reception when the Owner calls with an inquiry, or Request For Bid.
  • By keeping appointments at the agreed scheduled time. (If a conflict arises to call the Owner and rescheduled prior to appointment.)
  • By providing a Professional Appraisal of the Owner’s needs.
  • By providing Written Specifications for the required project according to Manufacturer Specifications and Industry Standards.
  • By encouraging only projects that are Structurally and Financially sound.
  • By being Licensed by Local Authorities and following Local Requirements.
  • By being a Certified Installer by Manufacturers when applicable.
  • By providing Proof Of Insurance to Owners.
  • By providing Customer Reference List to Owners.
  • By fulfilling Contract Obligations.
  • By providing Manufacturer’s Long Term Warranty when applicable.
  • By providing Contractor Labor Warranty.
  • By maintaining Communications with the Owner regarding any changes in schedule, scope of work or unforeseen conditions.
  • By providing Safe Work Conditions according to OSHA guidelines or Industry Standards.
  • By being Professionally Responsive to Owner Service Calls.
  • By attending Continuing Education Programs.
  • By aspiring towards 100% Owner Satisfaction.