CCN Rewards Center

Your Own Rewards Site Without The Hassle

CCN Rewards is an easy-to-use, Certified Contractors Network award program that is FREE to our Platinum Members and is available to our other membership levels for a small monthly fee. CCN Rewards allows you to set up your company’s own rewards program site.

You’ll be able purchase and distribute reward points to your employees and customers for attending training sessions, or for other behaviors and actions of your choosing. It’s like having your own rewards program without all the hassle and costs normally attributed to reward program setup and maintenance.

Your participants are able to enjoy access to 15 million reward items, including name brand electronics, home goods, event tickets, travel, music, movies, books and more! There’s literally something for everyone. All they have to do is log into your company’s rewards site and click “Shopping” to start redeeming their points on great rewards. Participants’ points are valid for as long as you choose to run your program.

Get your company’s Rewards Center site setup in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Request a Program:
    Request that CCN set up a mini-site for your own custom rewards program by contacting Denise Metheny. Your company’s rewards site will have your company logo and company content.
  2. Earning Points:
    Your employees can then earn points by attending seminars or training classes with CCN, or they can be rewarded with points for other behaviors you specify. The same goes with your customers; you can purchase and reward points for training or for any other behaviors or purchases as you specify.
  3. Redeem Points:
    Your participants simply log onto and click shopping to start redeeming their rewards!