Business Planning

Make Your Business Strong & Financially Stable

You CAN have a company with a financially solid foundation!

Here’s How:

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Attend CCN Business Planning Boot Camp


However, a plan without execution doesn’t guarantee success. The best way to make your plan actionable is to involve employees in its creation. This boot camp provides an opportunity for the company owner and two team members to create a strategic plan that can be easily communicated to everyone in the company.

Boot Camp Agenda / Worksheet

Day 1: Needs Analysis & Financial Planning

Identify your business’s needs in order to best generate a business plan that addresses those needs. Analyze your finances and create a financial plan if you do not already have one in place. If you do have a financial plan, identify and strength weak spots.

Day 2: Sales & Marketing Planning

Work on a sales plan that will generate what you’ll need to achieve your projected net profit. Determine the number of leads you’ll need on a daily, weekly and monthly basis based on your current salespeople’s closing ratios. You’ll create a marketing plan that will help you bring in leads including a

Day 3: Production & HR Planning

Create a production plan that will bring in the revenue that you’ll need. Gone are the days of producing “what you can.” Instead, you’ll have a plan with weekly revenue goals. Then you’ll determine your hiring needs based on your projections.

Day 4: Finish Overall Plan & Graduation

A finished plan is required for graduation so you’ll leave with action steps in place and a system to manage your progress.

Instructors: CCN Member Charlie Gindele, owner of Dial One RbA in Santa Ana, CA, is the primary instructor of this course. Charlie walks his talk, utilizing the techniques he teaches in this boot camp. He knows what it is like to go from contractor to successful businessman and is a firm believer that business planning helped him to achieve that successful status.  Other CCN members also contribute what has helped them achieve success in sales, marketing, production and HR.

Why Should You Attend?

Changes bring uncertainty. The best way to protect your company is to create a strategic business plan that is structured to measure company performance yet flexible enough to change with unpredictable business challenges.

By creating your plan among a group of diverse networked companies, you’ll be stimulated with ideas that will take your company beyond its normal limits and move it in a new direction.