Business Operations

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to come to work!

There’s an upset customer waiting on the phone for you
Your office staff is angry with one of your salespeople because the paperwork isn’t right
Problems on the job don’t get settled unless you do it and you’re losing money because of it all.

Truth be told, as Stephen Covey would say “You’re perfectly aligned to get the results you’re getting.” Most of these frustrations are due to inadequate systems and processes within your business.


The Certified Contractors Network Business Operations Boot Camp can help you eliminate some of those frustrations by helping you to get systems in place that improve your efficiency, reduce your costs and add value at every customer touch point. This boot camp was created for you the business owner, as well as, your office administrator, the chief implementer. You’ll both learn how to:

  • Understand basic accounting principles and utilize QuickBooks so that you’ll know how well the company is doing financially, where you’re making/losing money and which jobs are profitable or not.
  • Implement processes that create a consistent, smooth work flow from the inbound lead through to job completion
  • Achieve and maintain a level of high quality work throughout your business operations
  • Manage others to learn, grow and assume responsibility for the work they perform
  • Differentiate your company from the competition in the eyes of your prospects and customers

Here’s what some attendees have said about the boot camp:

“This is a must boot‐camp to attend to run your company properly” M. Farr, Joe Ward Roofing

“Every owner and central admin needs to attend” J. Gwaltney, Nehemiah Construction

“The development and leadership model explains how to interact with others more effectively and efficiently.” T. Meyer, Coors Exteriors

So…Stop Being “STRESSED” Out!

Learn how to have an efficient, organized business work flow system run by highly trained employees, so you can take off some of your hats and take some time to work on your office’s organization while your business continues to run without you!

Certified Contractors Network’s Business Operations Boot Camp offers business owners and their administrative staff proven effective solutions to everyday administrative and operational challenges. Stop being stressed out…