Boot Camps

“Introducing The Most Powerful Replacement Contractor Training on the Market Today….The Same Exact Training I Use in My Multi-Million Dollar Contracting Business”

Scott Siegal,
CEO & President, Maggio Roofing

When you attend the Certified Contractors Network Boot Camps, you and your employees will receive proven contractor designed training that addresses your day-to-day challenges. All CCN Contractor Boot Camps focus on the three core areas of a contracting business: Sales, Production and Administration.

You are guaranteed to receive absolutely the best training in the industry because all CCN Contractor Boot Camp classes are taught by trainers with hands-on experience in the contracting industry. You can be assured that the processes and procedures taught at all of the Contractor Boot Camps are time-tested and proven to be successful in all types of contracting businesses, minimizing expensive trial and error. When you leave our Contractor Boot Camps you and your employees will be ready to implement the these specific real world techniques in the three core areas of your business.

All of our boot camp programs are designed to give intensive training to the contractor business owner and employees so that he/she will be able to come back to their business and “hit the ground running”.