Boot Camp Sponsorship

Reaching Dedicated Contractors

About Our Boot Camps

In addition to our conferences, we run boot camps in several different disciplines. These are intense smaller group training classes in a specific area of the business. Each is described in detail below.

Business Planning Boot Camp: This is a 3.5 day program that walks a contractor owner and his key people through the process of creating an annual business plan. It is held twice per year in the Washington, DC area. Contractors leave with a plan they can begin executing immediately to achieve success in all areas of their business.

Sales Boot Camp: This is the most popular boot camp and attracts new and existing member salespeople to learn our propriety sales system. The boot camp is conducted from Monday through Friday, four to five times per year in various locations around the U.S.

Blue Collar Management Boot Camp: This is a 3 day program where production managers and project managers learn best practices for job production and excellent customer service. These boot camps are held two to three times per year.

Boot Camp Sponsorships

Boot Camp Sponsorship Packages: We have individual sponsorship packages for each of our boot camps. The sponsorship packages are named after the boot camp (e.g. “Sales Boot Camp Sponsorship”) and pricing details can be found by contacting us. A key element of each Boot Camp sponsorship is that it includes a discount coupon that sponsors can use to bring their non-member contractors to the boot camp. If you bring a certain number of new registrants, you earn speaking time in front of the entire group. See below.

Earn Presentation Time In Front of All Attendees: If you bring a specific number of your contractors to the boot camp using these discount coupons (contractors who are not already CCN members), you can earn the right to address the entire attending audience in a 15 minute or 30 minute presentation. This is your chance to highlight your company and tell the attending contractors why they should do business with your company.

Boot Camp a la carte Sponsorships: In addition to our boot camp sponsorship packages, we offer single a la carte sponsorships for one or more boot camps. These consist of such items at Breakfast and Lunch sponsorships, break sponsorships, brochure placement, and others. A pricing list for A La Carte Items can be obtained by contacting us.