Benefits of Sponsorship to Suppliers

While we are a member organization of Contractors, we work closely with and can provide significant benefits to quality suppliers. We are the glue that ties together quality suppliers and well run contractors. We can help suppliers satisfy their business objectives by assisting with the following:

  • Finding and/or developing contractors who understand your quality and value and are willing to pay for it;
  • Finding and/or developing contractors who appreciate your value and are able to sell it, even against lowball competitors;
  • Developing contractors who are loyal to your brand;
  • Finding and/or developing contractors who run successful businesses and pay you promptly.

Suppliers can achieve the above objectives by participating in our training conferences and boot camps, as sponsors. Such supplier sponsors will meet successful contractors they can recruit. They can and should also bring their contractors, and we will make them better. In fact, we have sponsorship programs that encourage and offer incentives to suppliers to bring their contractors to our events. Take a look around the sponsorship section of our site to see the different ways you can participate and attract new contractors to your distributor network and improve the ones you already have by sponsoring a CCN event.